CNN Correspondent Pamela Brown Married husband Adam Wright; Now expecting the first child (Gender Revealed)

The American TV reporter and newscaster, Pamela Brown, who is famous as a Justice Correspondent for the CNN, is living a happy married life with her perfect husband, Adam Wright and is expecting the first child.

Today, we are going to talk about the romantic life of the correspondent Pamela Brown and her husband, Adam Wright. We will also look out if she has a child or not. Let’s jump right in!

Pamela Brown’s Married Life with Adam Wright.

We all know, Pamela Brown and Adam Wright are already married. So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

How they met!

The couple first met through their connection of mutual friends. For some months, both of them chatted through emails until one day when Wright flew to the New York just to meet Pamela.

Well, this flamed love in Pamela’s heart and we all know what happened next, don’t we? When they started dating, the couple was in a long distance relationship for more than 18 months and later on, they decided to live together.

How ‘HE’ proposed?

The proposal came as a surprise to the Pamela as she was exhausted. A really tiring day for Pamela, she got home tired and ready to barge into the bed. But, she saw a dress for her.

Adam was already in a tuxedo. Their dog had a bow tie on and later, after dinner, Wright reached down to their pet dog to get the ring box from his doggie’s bow tie. Then, he proposed! You know the answer! Pamela remembers saying YES but, she doesn’t even remember him asking because of her nervousness.

Pamela remembers saying YES but

A Glorious Wedding!

A glorious wedding indeed! Pamela Brown and Adam Wright got married on 5th June 2017 at Cave Hill, Kentucky on the place of Brown’s childhood home. Around 250 guests attended their wedding ceremony.

Pamela wore a white gown while Adam completed the bride with a nice black tuxedo. The couple also paid their homage to the Kentucky roots that the bride grew up in. For their homage, they offered a Woodford Reserve bourbon-tasting to their guests. The grand wedding had its nuptials planned from the beginning as Brown had everything ready for this huge ceremony.

Pamela Brown Expecting the First Child with husband Adam Wright.

Wait, not at the moment! Pamela Brown and Adam Wright do not have any babies, but they are soon-to-be parents as the couple is expecting a baby soon. According to a post by Pamela on the February 3rd of 2018, she revealed that she was 20 weeks pregnant and also showed her baby bump in the picture.

According to another post of hers, it also looks as if the couple is going to give birth to a baby boy as you can see in the picture. Their dog is holding a balloon that says ” it’s a BOY. “

Looking at their current state, the couple, Pamela Brown and Adam Wright look super happy to welcome their first born, aren’t they?

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